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Paradise Valley Loving Care is a senior care facility located in North Phoenix. Here you or your loved one can find care, and enjoy a balances lifestyle with activity and assistance. Our trained & certified staff provides care and services tailored to the individual creating an atmosphere where dignity is supported, privacy is honored and self sufficiency is encouraged.From group excercises to social activities and cultural outings we tailor our offerings to the needs & abilities of our residents, allowing them to embrace their own wellness. We know that sometimes, improving health is just not possible. Here we are equally committed to providing the best compassionate end-of-life care.

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It is my pleasure to recommend Paradise Valley Loving Care. This is a place where one can feel confident their loved one receives good care. Emma and Val and the staff treated my father as if he were their own father and his children as their extended family. Whenever Dad’s family wanted to visit him there was an open-door policy to do so. If dad had special needs or challenges I was sure to receive a call from the manager notifying me of such. I am comforted knowing my dad’s last years were spent in an atmosphere of love, kindness and attentive care.

- Dave Fazio and the Fazio Family

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